Introducing Terra Nutritech & Pitfield Animal Science

Title: Enhancing Animal Health: 

Introducing Terra Nutritech & Pitfield Animal Science


During the Eurogene Future Solutions 2023 meetings held across Ireland, the primary focus on improving animal health emerged as a key topic of discussion. The significance of minerals, mineral technology and nutritional support in this regard became evident. At Eurogene, as part of the Ai Services group, the largest AI company in Ireland, we strive to drive innovation in all our endeavours. With access to industry experts, veterinary surgeons, specialists, and scientists, we embarked on a comprehensive review of the market, both domestically and internationally. Our quest for cutting-edge technology and superior products led us to establish an exclusive partnership with Terra Nutritech & Pitfield Animal Science, who are at the forefront of the industry.

Innovation for Animal Health:

We firmly believe that innovation is the driving force behind progress. Our commitment to improving animal welfare led us to seek out the best technologies and solutions available. With a team comprising of experts from various fields, we were able to conduct a thorough analysis of the animal health market. Our goal was to identify a partner that shared our vision and could provide industry-leading products to enhance animal health and performance to our customers.

Terra Nutritech & Pitfield Animal Science: Leading the Way

Renowned for their expertise and innovative solutions, these companies have demonstrated a commitment to revolutionising animal health. Their emphasis on mineral technology and nutritional support aligns perfectly with our objectives.

Terra Nutritech boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience in developing high-quality, scientifically-formulated mineral supplements for livestock. Their products are designed to optimize animal health, improve fertility rates, enhance feed efficiency, and promote overall performance. With a range of solutions tailored to specific animal requirements, Terra Nutritech stands out as a leader in the field.

Pitfield Animal Science complements Terra Nutritech’s expertise by offering innovative nutritional support solutions. Their research-driven approach enables them to develop specialized animal diets that meet the unique nutritional needs of various species. By understanding the importance of a balanced diet in ensuring optimal health and performance, Pitfield Animal Science has become a trusted name in the industry.

Exclusive Distribution Partnership:

The exclusive distribution partnership between Eurogene, Terra Nutritech & Pitfield Animal Science represents a significant step forward in improving animal health across Ireland. As the exclusive distribution partners, we are committed to ensuring that these cutting-edge technologies and products reach farmers nationwide.

By combining the vast knowledge and expertise of the Eurogene team with the innovative solutions provided by Terra Nutritech & Pitfield Animal Science, together we aim to provide the top genetics and achieve the maximum output and performance from these genetics. Our collaboration will empower farmers with advanced tools and resources to achieve better animal health and performance from their herds.